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About us

Envirotech Branch in Armenia specializes in the field of sales and online marketing. Our operations encompass multiple areas .Over the past three years we have succeeded in creating one of the best working environments in Armenia. We are currently looking for young, talented individuals to join our fast-paced environment, enrich our highly professional team and build a successful career with us. Envirotech is a rapidly growing company which is on the lookout for young talents. We encourage you to keep an eye out for job openings on our web-site and Facebook page.

One of the highest salaries on the market
Great work conditions and friendly office atmosphere
Career growth opportunities
Trainings with professionals


As life is short, work somewhere awesome.

High Wages

Still looking for a well paid job? We offer one of the highest salaries on the market, starting with 400 EU up to 1000 EU and more with bonuses, leave and other benefits. Just join us, get the most out of your skills and be part of our amazing team!

Do you seek great work conditions and friendly office atmosphere?

You are at the right place, because we are hiring! Join us! We invest a lot of time in the comfort of our team, because we have a big goal - to have the best working environment in Moldova. That is why we want to attract the right people for this job.

Training with professionals

We have training experts in the field who will help you excelling in everyday tasks and even more. Through our professional training, we select the best agents and give them an opportunity to build a successful career. We are totally transparent regarding the hiring process. We are going through all the details, such as salary, bonuses, leave and many other benefits.


Leaders don’t create followers. They create MORE leaders. We treat candidates like gold. Join us!


Each day, we gather for you a variety of vacancies, adapted to all ages and sets of skills and offering attractive salaries. The only condition is to be in search of a job. Does that apply to you? Then you’re in the right place.

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